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Old is in. Retro games, retro fashion and definitely retro music. There are some really cool guys who did various modifications and engineering to create a thing called the Little Sound DJ or LSDJ. It is basically a game cartridge that you pop into your gameboy or gameboy color and instead of a video game, it creates a “full-fledged music workstation.” (you can read more about it here)

There is an artist called Ralp who creates fantastic glitched out music utilizing the LSDJ. He has an album “Fuldatax” that has been created entirely from the LSDJ on his gameboy and recorded directly into his computer. His process for creating the album really makes me happy as there are no extra effects or any postproduction additions to any of the songs or sounds.

I love non-traditional instruments and the gameboy with the LSDJ has to be one of the coolest. It is especially awesome that Ralp decided not to make any additions to the sounds that the gameboy is capable of. I always say that it is possible to create something successful no matter what level of skill you have or no matter how limited your resources are (as long as you work within those bounds (and accept them)). Ralp proves that he can still create amazingly complex musical tastiness – even though he is using a piece of gaming technology from the early 90’s that limits him to four channels of 4-bit sound.

Check out his bandcamp page. Ralp is extremely generous and is providing his music free of charge but I’m sure would appreciate any monetary donations.

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