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from the point of view of Dana's phone

I first saw Dana Falconberry in a 2010 documentary about the distending Austin music scene called “Echotone.”  Personally, my favorite part of the ‘doc (besides Dana) is the man speaking at the Austin Live Music Taskforce Forum who describes his experience with live music near his home as “almost like I felt like I was being terrorized.  Like some terrorist had gotten into my bedroom and was going to terrorize me at 2 o’clock in the morning.” I don’t even.

I had the chance to see her live when my parents invited me to an event at Wyldwood shows.  Wyldwood is the backyard of Amy and Andrew Murphy in deep South Austin.  They’ve built a full-sized wood stage on their back porch and for the price of $10 a head and a lawn chair you can sit and watch a few hours of folk or blues or bluegrass music while the sun goes does.  Oh – and all $10 goes to the artists.  And it’s BYOB. Even if you don’t like the aforementioned genres you’d be hard pressed finding a better place to sit.
Check it out.

Though usually in the company of a full band, Dana played Wyldwood alone.  She stood out from the rest of the artists who were playing songs about helplessly falling in love with guys who don’t treat them right; Dana sang a song about coming to terms with an inescapable loneliness and futilely casting around for comfort in objects that refuse to help.

It was a little brutal.

Listen to “Lake Charlevoix” from her forthcoming album Leelanau below. It comes out Oct. 9th.


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