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Regan “Ta-Ku” Mathews is a Perth-native hip-hop dude who studied with the likes of Onra and Bun-B at the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona.  Following March’s encouragingly successful tribute album in honor of J-Dilla called 50 Days for Dilla, August saw an album released called RE ϟ TWERK featuring 2 parts original work to 1 part remixes.  All tracks are attention-worthy, but “Hey Justin” and the Snakadaktal remix are particularly dope. Click above to visit his bandcamp.


Halls is the moniker of South London wunderkind Sam Howard. As with all young, comparatively successful figures that enter my range of perception, Howard lights the inspirational synapse in my brain nestled ambiguously within the lobe responsible for both my admiration and competitive responses. An individual simultaneously capable of singing, in touch with his nostalgia, and handy with music software who’s capable of synthesizing these elements into one cohesive sound brings me new hope for my own projects. If I devote all my energies to them it couldn’t take longer than Hall’s example of 21 years to become as musically eloquent, right? Halls already has an EP out; I put a track from his forthcoming album Ark above.  Look for it tomorrow (Oct 22nd.)


Geotic – Riding Thermals

Will Wiesenfeld, possibly better known as Baths, has an ambient side-project that I was very happy to have recently come across.  All of his work on this project he provides free for download at this place.  Since downloading most of his work, I’ve discovered it’s particularly conducive to studying, sleeping, and existing (the albums Mend and Bless The Self are particularly tranquil.)  Wiesenfeld hasn’t put up anything new for Geotic since February of 2011, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever.  And even if it is, he’s already put out some calm and wonderful things.  I can learn to be happy with what I’m given.

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