We’re a group of musical friends living in different cities scattered all across the U.S.  Sick with separation, we decided we needed a means of sharing the projects we were working on with each other.  We had tried sending each other material in the past but the act had always been daunting.  The idea of our unfinished tracks sitting in the glaring spotlight of an email’s background with all of its imperfections bared to the world — it was a gruesome talent show that practically secreted grimy excuses.  There had to be a better way.  And there was.  We could bury our tracks in a massive slew of inspiration.  We started thinking about ways we’d been musically inspired in the past: finding new instruments our friends had made, listening to a recording guru describe a way to achieving a specific sound, or just musicians who played things we’d never heard before and played them really well.  It didn’t make sense to restrict our efforts to just our personal projects — we could have an array of new ideas constantly circulating and accumulating to feed and sustain our creative processes.

Good to Hear is a blog where we can support artists that have our same lust for innovation, become more like them, and give others the tools to make ridiculously fresh music.  Interviews with artists, people playing around town, and the stories of artists who started small all belong in this blog.  But so does new music gear, ways to make humble instruments sound great, intelligible instructions for music software, the basics of recording, and anything else that helps others make better, fresher music.  We want a massive, terrifying, indefatigable, crispy fresh, tasty beast and we need someone to help us feed it.

That’s you.