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February Album Writing Month

It’s almost February which means its almost time for another FAWM! FAWM stands for February Album Writing Month (their website here) in where you are challenged to write 14 original songs in the month (usually 28 days) of February. It’s a very encouraging way to push yourself into creating music (especially if you’re like me and need a little creative shove). In order to officially participate in FAWM you must create an account on their website. When you create an account you are encouraged to upload your songs to track your progress – a way to stay accountable for your work. FAWM provides the ability to stream your songs publicly making it really easy to check out all the other “fawmers” songs and gives you the ability to send and receive commentary on work that is being submitted.

My brother Ben (also a writer on The Tasty Beast) and I have participated in years past and have really enjoyed it. If you are interested at all in making music you should definitely think about participating in FAWM this year. The community is really great and very encouraging.

Also, if you are curious how I am doing or in Ben’s progress go to the FAWM website click on “Fawmers” at the top of the page and then type in either “Ben Lowe” or “Josiah Lowe” to access our songs and monitor our progress.

Contact me if you are participating this year and we can cheer each other on! Maybe even do a collaboration!