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Alvin Band – Rainbow Road

rainbowroadOne of my favorite bands officially released his second album called Rainbow Road. Rick Shaier (of Miniature Tigers) the creator and sole member of Alvin Band released his first album Mantis Preying in 2009. The first 9 songs are incredibly complex compositions using only Rick’s voice. The last 6 tracks on the album are from an EP called Lady Portrait which uses more traditional instruments.

In his most recent release Rainbow Road Shaier moves away from using his voice as the only source of sound but does not hold back on complex composition in the least.

As you might be able to tell by the name of the album Rainbow Road (a race track from Super Mario Kart) Shaier doesn’t hide the source of his inspiration for this album. You can also tell by the amazing track names such as, “Bowser’s Castle”, “Dry Bones”, “King Boo”, and there is even a track for the great “Stanley Kubrick”.

A quote from Alvin Band website about Raindbow Road:

Rainbow Road is meant to give the listener the multi-sensational experience of actually living vicariously through the [super mario game universe]. The album experience is meant to push the boundaries of imagination and sensory stimulation. In this concept, fantasy meets reality in the audio-visually intense imagery within the colorful music of Rainbow Road.

But it’s more than a soundtrack to Super Mario. It’s a soundtrack to a generation that has grown up entrenched in gaming and technology.

You can listen to the entire album right here on Alvin Band’s website.

Check out the music video for “Transcendental Meditative Mutant Ninja Turtles” from his recent release of Rainbow Road

And check out the music video from the opening track on Mantis Preying called “Temple Pressure”:

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