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Good to Hear demos Fingerlab’s DM1


For the past few years I’ve relied heavily on my mobile devices in my musical excursions. In fact, both my ipad and iphone are vital members in my current one man band. The reason I love mobile devices is because I have access to a huge selection of sounds even on just one device and I’m able to create wherever I go. (Not to mention, apps are significantly cheaper than their hardware counterparts… well, most of the time).

One of my most used apps is a drum machine called DM1 which was created by Fingerlab. This particular drum machine is host to many digital drum kit sounds; many of which are vintage classics such as Roland’s TR-808 and CR-78. There are also some great acoustic sets as well as some sets made specifically for the app. Check out the youtube video below for some hands on with DM1.

As you can see in the video, DM1 is very diverse in it’s sounds and customizations. You can compose entire songs inside the DM1 app making use of all the pattern slots or you can create just a simple beat.

If you are looking to fill the rhythmless void in your life or just want to play around with a bunch of great sounding kits give DM1 a try.

DM1 for iPhone 1.99
DM1 for iPad 4.99 (The iPad version has a few more features than the iPhone version. Check out Fingerlab’s website to see the differences between versions)

Sorry andriod users, no support for DM1…. yet.

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