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Celentano Woodworks

Ukuleles are the best. My brother Ben introduced them to me a few years ago. They are small, accessible, have wide price ranges and are surprisingly diverse. I found out there is such a thing as a banjo ukulele (or banjolele) and well, that’s just freaking awesome. I searched the nets and found a banjo uke on ebay that I really wanted.

I lost the bid. I shook off my sorrows and researched the DIY route. I watched a few videos on how to make an instrument with frets and it was clear that I was not going to be able to produce what I really wanted (at least nothing of great quality). I remembered there was a shop on etsy called Celentano Woodworks. It is run by Paul Celentano – who makes amazingly awesome fretted instruments. He does a lot of custom work so I approached him and asked if he could make me a banjo ukulele.










Over the next few weeks we emailed back and forth discussing materials and plans. Paul was really awesome and helpful during the whole process – making sure that I got the instrument that I wanted. To save on cost and time we used an eight inch hand drum off ebay for the body of the ukulele. The banjolele turned out amazing and I am super pleased with my custom instrument from Celentano Woodworks.



Paul is truly a gifted artist and craftsman. This man does amazing work and is super creative. Check out his etsy shop and like his Facebook page. He deserves recognition and is extremely inspiring. He is also a talented musician. Check out his youtube channel – and below is a video of him playing MY banjolele before he shipped it to me.

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