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A Flute for Your Pocket: The Ocarina


Allegro Ocarina by Songbird

This Pocket Music Monday we are going to divert a little from our past two weeks of battery powered electronic styled pocket instruments. Instead we will talk about the wonderful and versatile little ocarina. The ocarina is a small flute that can vary quite a bit in size, shape and design, but usually has a larger more open body cavity as opposed to the more common flute with its slender and tubular design. Ocarinas have traditionally been made out of clay, and often have between 4 and 12 holes. These can be arranged in many different ways, allowing for different tones, key registers, and playstyles.

The Ocarina has been around for quite some time, but saw quite a bit of jump in interest after the Nintendo 64 game, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released in 1998. Here, docjazz4 plays the main Zelda theme on a Zelda themed ocarina:

Since Ocarina of Time, the ocarina has gained quite a bit in popularity, though is still relatively unknown to most. It is a shame because these little flutes are a lot of fun to play. It doesn’t take much to learn a little melody, and it is great fun to have with you wherever you go, whether in your pocket or strapped around your neck. Like most instruments, learning to master the ocarina will take time and practice, but the accessibility of this little instrument is quite wonderful.


my ocarinas

Here are the two ocarinas that I own. On the left is a small soprano ocarina by Songbird Ocarinas made of clay with 5 holes. On the right is a polycarbonate ocarina in G from Mountain Ocarinas. Both are a lot of fun to play, but the Mountain Ocarina is definitely a bit easier. If you’re interested at all in ocarinas, definitely check out Songbird Ocarinas and Mountain Ocarinas, as they both have great info and audio/video of their products. And definitely check out docjazz4’s youtube channel. He owns a huge variety of ocarinas, reviews them and plays them excellently.

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